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It has been a while since I've worked on a painting, but I will resume soon. I consider fine art to be the highest calling for an artist, but making a living often intrudes. Even though I've sold a lot of the paintings, I have to spend time working on commercial art and my cartoons--activities that have helped us keep afloat. 


I still want to put together a bigger collection of work and then continue my search for another gallery. While an online gallery is helpful, there's nothing like looking at paintings in person. They look far better in reality than in pixels. Unfortuantely, it's not easy to get into a gallery and my online reputation hasn't helped. It would be better if I was unknown.


When I work on a painting, it's an escape because I don't think of money. I don't think about whether or not it will sell. I don't care about fame or getting compliments. I don't compare my work to that of others. I don't care what people might think. Unlike cartooning, I don't worry about whether or not people will 'get it.' Unlike commercial art, I'm not worried about making the client happy. Working on paintings is a great way for an artist to regenerate some peace of mind.


--Ben Garrison